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About the series

It’s 1966 and modern brides are sick of the antiquated rules that governed their mother’s wedding days! Lucky for you, self-help guru and best smelling author, Marabel May is here and she wants to plan your wedding! You might regret your marriage but with Marabel’s six-part audio guide, you’ll never regret your wedding!

Welcome to the '60s! Do you know where your husband is? Love and marriage expert Marabel May (Amanda Lund) wants to save your marriage!

Marabel May, offers commonsensical tips for the American Housewife on how to keep up with the fast-paced life of 1965!

Marabel’s self-help advice will have you screaming for joy!

But not too loud. You’ll wake the children!

This series from the husband of best-smelling author Marabel May will turn all you Regular Joes into Iron Jims. 

Based on his wife’s success, Frecklin May has stepped out from behind the tape recorder and in front of the microphone to explore just what it takes to be the Perfect Man.

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